Just like tech companies roll out new and improved gadgets every year, so do skincare and beauty companies with their tools. I am constantly amazed by the innovation and technology behind these new beauty tools that are launched all the time. Beauty tools are here to stay—they are here to make our lives easier, our faces more lifted, and our skin more radiant. 

Let’s start with the basics first. The most obvious tool available is your fingers. You can do so many things with your own fingers to depuff, lift, and contour your skin. But it’s hard to do it for long, as our hands can get tired. These tools will do the work that your fingers can’t. 

Jade Rollers

The most basic tools are jade rollers. As someone who grew up in Asia, jade rollers are nothing new to me. Jade holds a significant value in Chinese culture as it embodies the Confucian virtues of courage, justice, wisdom, truth, and Heaven and Earth. It is very common to see a Chinese woman wear a jade bracelet at all times. Beauty tools made with jade, such as the jade roller, were historically used by the elite to keep their skin looking beautiful and youthful. The stone itself has natural cooling properties so they were also used by holistic medicine practitioners on their patients. 

There are so many different varieties of jade rollers these days as it has become more mainstream. There are the classic jade rollers like this one from After Spa, rose quartz rollers like this one from Mei Apothecary, or amethyst rollers like this one from EcoTools. Each type of stone has different properties but all in all, the way the facial roller is shaped and designed makes it easy to use over different parts of the face to depuff, relieve tension, and improve circulation. 

There are two sides to a jade roller. For the bigger side, I use it over my forehead and cheeks, while with the smaller end, I focus it under my eyes to give a more targeted massage. My favorite way to use a jade roller is to roll it over a sheet mask to help the skincare in the mask seep in deeper. 

Gua Sha

I personally prefer gua shas over jade rollers as I think they are more versatile and much more effective. That being said, it’s crucial that you know the basics of how to use a gua sha, because if used the incorrect way, it will not only be ineffective, but you can cause some damage to your skin. I follow these three cardinal rules: 

  1. Always hold the gua sha at a 45-degree angle
  2. Always apply moderate pressure—nothing too hard
  3. Glide outwards (start from the middle of the face and work out)

The way a gua sha is shaped, like this one from Mount Lai, makes it ideal to help conduct acupressure in different points of the face, stimulate circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage. Here are some daily exercises you can do (my personal favorites):

  • Using the angled part of the gua sha, glide up along your jawline to help sculpt the area. 
  • Using the pressure point, gently press into the tension points behind your neck after you’ve been looking at your screen for too long. This helps to relieve built-up tension throughout the day. Do the same for your brows especially if you’ve been staring at your screen. It feels unbelievable!
  • Glide outwards and upwards along your forehead—this helps to smoothen out wrinkles.

Now, if you want to get slightly fancier, try an LED gua sha like this one from Mei Apothecary. This is the definition of traditional practice meeting modern technology. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that is shaped like a gua sha, but has red LED light and pulsing vibrating technology to really elevate your skincare routine. You can choose different settings according to what you want to target—for example, you can turn on the vibrating mode and the red light on together or you can just use the red LED light on its own while conducting your massage. The vibration mode promotes microcirculation that helps your products penetrate deeper, while red LED stimulates collagen production while helping to tighten the skin. Get this tool if you really want to take your skincare to the next level. 

Eye Massagers

Another tool I love is the eye massager. The Eye Massager Tool From Mount Lai is not as versatile as the others as it can only be used for your eye area, but it helps relieve any eye area problems you have—puffiness, dark circles, sagging, you name it. I love the healing properties of rose quartz for this exercise and it’s specifically shaped to treat your delicate eye area. Slowly roll it around under your eyes to reduce deep dark circles by promoting more blood circulation in the area. I love doing this while drinking my morning cup of matcha as a form of self-care. Just make sure you have plenty of eye cream underneath!

Massage Roller

Saving my favorite type of tool for last—a tool like this SkinSculpt Massage Roller from Mei Apothecary. I use this tool while watching Netflix, reading, and just relaxing. The way the handle is shaped makes it so easy to use with little to zero strength, as it simply glides on your skin while effectively sculpting and contouring. The “balls” in this roller mimic the deep kneading movements that aestheticians use during facials. I use it on my cheeks, jawline, brow, scalp, arms—basically any part of the face and body that needs to be lifted or massaged to relieve tension. 

This tool is a lot easier to use than a gua sha. Although it is pricey, you don’t have to worry about breaking or shattering it—it’s yours forever as long as you don’t lose it!

Use Facial Massage and Sculpting Tools With Serums, Oils or Moisturizers

That’s it for my round-up of the best facial tools to lift and contour your skin. And remember: it’s important that before you use any of the tools I mentioned, you apply a base layer of serumoil or moisturizer to make sure you’re not rubbing these tools on bare skin. Tugging on bare, dry skin can actually cause more wrinkles and irritation. Now, let’s stay radiant and glowing with the help of these magical tools!