The Paleo Diet has become very popular recently for several good reasons. The addition of coconut items by itself or in recipes can add to the effectiveness of this type of diet.

Coconut Is Abundant in Healthy Fat

Not only is coconut stable on the shelf, but it is filled with healthy fats that make it ideal to be used in cooking. Although coconut oil contains a high amount of saturated (92%), monounsaturated (6%), and polyunsaturated (2%) fats, it can be included in the Paleo Diet because this type of diet is low in carbohydrates. Thus, coconut richness can be beneficial.

More Coconut Benefits

Coconut water has many health benefits, as does coconut meat. The water contains potassium, antivirals, and antifungals. It can be used as an aid to alleviate bloating. Coconut water can add glucose that is needed after a workout. Moreover, the meat of the coconut is filled with fiber, vitamins B and C, and iron.

Coconut Products

The taste and health benefits of coconut can be found in:

What Is Coconut Manna?

Coconut manna is a type of butter that’s made from coconut puree. It can be added to smoothies, smeared on toast, poured on popcorn, or used instead of frosting on muffins.